Community Resources

Light on PTSD

Light On PTSD (based on Vancouver Island) is a not-for-profit organization that increases awareness around Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and gathers funds to support future initiatives for families struggling with post-traumatic stress. Their cycling events are instrumental in reaching out to the community and encouraging trauma survivors to come out of the shadows and receive support, connect, share, discover resources, and ultimately know that they are not alone and there is help available.

Canadian First Responders Helpline

Canadian First Responders Helpline offers resources and services for the First Responder community to understand the various steps of a PTSD program from managing a crisis through to implementing best practices into an existing program.

Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT)

ACCT is the first community service cooperative for competency-based counsellors incorporated under the Cooperative Association Act of British Columbia and is home to counsellors across Canada, who demonstrate competency and excellence in the counselling profession.

Clearmind International Inc.

Clearmind International Inc. is an international company headquartered in Langley, BC Canada. Clearmind offers a Speaker Series, Personal Growth Workshops, Organizational Training, and a three year Counsellor Training Program that also serves as a Personal Development School.

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